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I’m Monae, but my government name is Khadijah. “Monay” was my middle name given to me by my favorite aunt, but I always loved it. I am a loving mother and wife in my day-to-day life but enjoy exploring all the new things the city of Philadelphia has to offer. I still work a 9-5 like most of you while following my purpose in life to motivate others. Life coaching is something that fell into my lap, but I believe it’s a gift I always had. It just took me to step on the other side of fear and growth to realize it.

I started studying more about self-development, and it completely changed my mindset. I felt at peace for the first time in my life because I was being authentically me and living for myself. Now here I am to help others find self-value and purpose through being simply themselves. I’m sharing my authentic lifestyle of family, travels & events, cooking, working from home, and even shows I may just be binge-watching on tv. I’ll also be sharing tips, advice, and open-ended questions for all of you in my community looking to be authentically themselves, so you can find your purpose too! I hope I can show you that you are the aesthetic!


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“I made my own table, and I saved you a seat.”

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Meaning Of the Name Monae

Monae has many different unique meanings in different Cultures. The one I found most intriguing was the French meaning of Monae which is descendent of the Protector. Monae reflects a strong personality and has creative characteristics. Monae is very Sociable and and has high self esteem. She also attracts the attention of Others.Monae Fierce

7 Daily Habits to break in 2023

1. Waking Up Late It’s time to develop a good sleep routine. That means waking up early! Waking up late is not a good move! There is so much progress you can make toward your goals by getting up early. The average person’s biggest excuse for not accomplishing their goal is “There’s not enough time”…

Last-Minute Christmas Gifts for Her

It seems as if the older we get the harder gift shopping becomes. Blogs are a great way to find Christmas gifts. Amazon has the best last-minute gifts that you’ll get before Christmas! Here are a few of my amazon picks for her! Foot baths are not just for spa days! It also saves you…

Planner to help with discipline and consistency.

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